Neck Injuries In Rugby Can Be Career Ending

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Rugby can be a very physical game and players are susceptible to injuries. There are a few specific areas of the body that tend to get injured during rugby games. In general, the knees, the back, and the neck are the areas that have the highest likelihood of winding up injured.

That’s not to say other areas of the body won’t wind up with the occasional injury. You sometimes hear about groin injuries, or rotator cuff injuries, or broken ribs. These types of injuries happen, but the injuries are generally to the above three areas.

However, in many cases knee and back injuries can be dealt with. They’re not easy to deal with, and while a few of them are career ending, many of them are not. Sometimes it requires getting a joint replacement, but even then a professional athlete can often keep going once they’ve healed up. The same can not be said for neck injuries.

This is because the neck is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. It’s connection to the spinal cord leaves it vulnerable to not only breaking, but breaking in such a way that it can cause paralysis. It’s not uncommon for someone to receive a neck injury and find themselves either partially or fully paralyzed. Naturally, there’s no coming back to professional sports if you’ve found yourself paralyzed from the neck or the waist down. So it’s incredibly important that you protect your neck when you’re playing sports.

Even the neck injuries that aren’t career ending can be difficult to deal with. Something as simple as a pulled or strained neck muscle can cause you to be out of play for weeks at a time. This is because of how important the neck is to almost every movement you’ll make. No matter how you move, no matter how gently you move, you’re going to be flexing your neck muscles. If nothing else, you’ll need to flex your neck muscles in order to look around. Things such as neck collars can help give your neck support and help keep your head in place, but that doesn’t stop the muscles from hurting. And if you wind up with a hairline fracture in your neck, even though it might not be career ending, it can put you on the bench for months at a time.

Rehabilitation expert, Steve Hines, who is a physiotherapist in earlsfield, recommends that all rugby players learn how to tackle properly and also ensure that their neck and shoulder muscles are strong enough to cope with the demands of the sport. This can come in the form of ensuring a sensible strengthening and conditioning programme is undertaken for the upper quarter.

Ultimately, every sport has its risks. Even the most low impact of sports, such as golf or ping pong, can result in strains, sprains, and fractures. That said, high impact sports such as football and rugby can result in life-altering injuries such as neck injuries. It’s incredibly important to keep yourself safe and protected as best you can. A neck injury can not only wind up completely ruining your career, but it could wind up completely ruining your life. A single impact could leave you paralyzed, and that would be absolutely terrible. So keep yourself safe.

Landscaping for Professional Sports Pitches

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If you always longed for a beautiful surface on which to play your sports then this article will give you some ideas on how to prepare the perfect playing surface.

Before you begin your new landscape design task, you must decide what you prefer it to look like. This will give you a visual idea of what you desire, exactly how it will look, and also what kind of materials your project will need. Making changes to a sketch is much less complex compared to making a change to your pitch.

Consider why you want to landscape your playing surface prior to you begin your project. Are you seeking to include good grip? Are you aiming to add privacy? Is your objective to decrease the general upkeep of your pitch? The answers to these questions can help you to pick the ideal type of grass, making your pitch task easier to finish.

Speak with a sports turf specialist before beginning any kind of landscaping deal with your sports pitch. While you probably don’t need them to deal with the whole task, spending money for consultation could help you avoid making expensive blunders. If you do not have a bunch of experience with landscaping, this is a lot more vital for you to do.

Always use proper safety equipment when doing any landscape design tasks. This consists of using good solid gloves to protect your hands. Use eye protection when utilizing any sort of power mowers or cutters. And also keep in mind to protect your skin from the sunlight by using long-sleeved tee shirts or a great sun block cream as well as a hat.

While you could not have the ability to afford to hire a landscape design specialist to create your sports pitch design strategies. It is well worth the money to spend for an hour-long assessment with one. Doing this can help you refine your concepts and also stop you from making expensive mistakes.

Now that you’ve read the suggestions in this post, what are you waiting for? Get out there and begin planning your dream pitch and then, make it happen. With just a little preparation and the tips in this short article, you could ┬áchange your playing surface right into the stunning sports field that you have always dreamed of.